About Parasol

PARASOL (a new PARAdigm through SOLidarity)

We are a Portland, Oregon-based study group engaged in educating ourselves and others about climate change and its physical and sociological effects, as well as examining the economic and political forces behind it.  Through radical pedagogy, networking, and empowerment, we hope to contribute to building a movement capable of creating a more just and safer world.

Over the course of our own study, we have developed a curriculum intended for study groups who, like us, are concerned about climate change and want to learn more about what causes it, what its effects are currently, and what the future may hold for us.  This curriculum includes around 350 pages of readings and a handful of short videos, as well as a series of learning objectives and suggested discussion questions.

Click here to see a brief list of recommended readings; if you would like to know more, ask questions, or discuss incorporating the curriculum into a study group of your own, please contact us via email.

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